Definition of Dreams and How it can Aid in Spiritual Growth, Polarization or Adepthood

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Brief Analysis of The 20th Archetype: Transformation of The Spirit
Brief Outlook on The Matrix, The Potentiator and The Significator of The Mind
Who Are The Orion Group? (Service-to-Self 'Negative' Polarity)
The Purpose and Sacramental Development of The Frontal Lobes of Human Brain


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Who Are The Orion Group? (Service-to-Self 'Negative' Polarity)
How 'Wind & Fire' Formed 'Earth & Water' and The 'Timeless' Beginnings of 1st Density
Who Are The Orion Group? (Service-to-Self 'Negative' Polarity)
4th Density Experience After 3rd Density Harvest
Preparation or Intake of Foodstuff in 4th, 5th and 6th Density Experience
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