How to Be Spiritually and Emotionally Balanced

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What's the Cause of an 'Earth-bound Spirit' or a 'Lingering Ghost'?
Who Are The Elder Race?
Metaphysical and Physical Description of 'Gravity', 'Spiritual Mass' and 'Black Hole'
The Evolutionary Process and The Archetypical Biases Before Creation
The Proper Function of Sexual Reproductive Practices and The Propagation of Offspring


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Higher Density Lessons (4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Density)

Definition of Densities and Their Corresponding Quantum Vibratory of Colours
Physical Resemblance of 4th & 5th Density Entities Compared to Humans
Why Earth Will Be 4th Density Positive Instead of 4th Density Negative
Conditions On A 4th Density 'Negative' Planet
Who Are 'The Council of Saturn' and 'The Council of Nine'?
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