Using 'Power of The Will' to Accelerate Spiritual Growth

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The Bidding Process of Negative Polarities or Entities
The Use of Nikola Tesla's Inventions By The US Government to Develop UFOs or Spacecrafts
Adolf Hitler (Hermann and Himmler)
The Purpose of Mummification
Erroneous or Ineffective Healing Techniques Carried Out By Evangelists, Pastors or Spiritual Healers
Brief Analysis of The 20th Archetype: Transformation of The Spirit


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Higher Density Lessons (4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Density)

4th Density Experience After 3rd Density Harvest
Who Are The Orion Group? (Service-to-Self 'Negative' Polarity)
Who Are The Elder Race?
The Mentality and Mechanism Behind 4th & 5th Density 'Negative' Entities
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