Types of Archetypes Used By The Logos

Types of Archetypes Used By The Logos

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 91

Questioner: Thank you.

One more question before we start on the specific questions in regard to archetypes.

Do all Logoi evolving after the veil have twenty-two archetypes?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

Questioner: Is it common for Logoi to have twenty-two archetypes or is this relatively unique to our Logos?

Ra: I am Ra. The system of sevens is the most articulated system yet discovered by any experiment by any Logos in our octave.

Questioner: What is the largest number of archetypes, to Ra’s knowledge, used by a Logos?

Ra: I am Ra. The sevens plus The Choice is the greatest number which has been usedby our knowledge, by Logoi.

It is the result of many, many previous experiments in articulation of the one Creator.

Questioner: I assume, then, that twenty-two is the greatest number of archetypes.

I also ask is it the minimum number presently in use by any Logos to Ra’s knowledge?

Ra: I am Ra. The fewest are the two systems of five which are completing the cycles or densities of experience.

You must grasp the idea that the archetypes were not developed at once but step by stepand not in order as you know the order at this space/time but in various orders.

Therefore, the two systems of fives were using two separate ways of viewing the archetypical nature of all experience.

Each, of course, used
the Matrix,
the Potentiator, and
the Significator

for this is the harvest with which our creation began

One way or system of experimentation had added to these the Catalyst and the Experience.

Another system if you will, had added Catalyst and Transformation.

In one case the methods whereby experience was processed was further aided but the fruits of experience less aided.

In the second case the opposite may be seen to be the case.

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