Site Guideline

Site Guideline

1. There are no hierarchies. No member or seeker is at the top or bottom, but all are aligned towards the progression of mind, body and spirit.

2. Every member/seeker participating are united under the flag of unity and oneness.

3. Information, services, products or general help provided on the website are to be made for free.

4. The Law of One Society website should not harbour any action, services or products for financial gain, or for any commercial/monetary value purposes.

5. Law of One Society website should only be used for the discussion, enlightenment, for the pure study of the Law of One, and the elevation of the Spirit, Love and Peace.

6. Members/Seekers are advised not to recruit, but let the free will of the seeker prevail.

7. Members/Seekers are free to come and go as they please. 100% no obligation to join or to leave the website/group/activities. The seeker's freewill is paramount.

8. A Mind, Body, Spirit Complex of any race, creed, gender, sexuality, age, orientation are welcome to join under the law of inclusion and unity.

9. Subject of hate towards others should not be discussed or harboured under the Law of Unity.

10. Information, services given or rendered between members during meetings are to be provided for free.

11. Love should be at the heart of all meetings, and any discussions between members.

12. The Law of One Society is a 'Service to Others' orientated.

13. Time/place schedule or the duration of meetings are sole responsibility of the Group Coordinator in a cordial agreement with its members.

14. The Law of One Society is not a religion, cult or sect, but a space for, and the meetings of like-minded individuals to discuss and learn the Law of One.

15. All gatherings and discussions should be guided towards the evolution of Mind, Body and Spirit, and with an unconditional Love at its heart centre.

If you have any question,please do not hesitate to Contact Us

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We are a loosely structured, non-hierarchical network of individuals from around the world dedicated to understanding, exemplifying and practising the truth we refer to as the Law of One.