What is the Difference Between “Mind/Body/Spirit” and “Mind/Body/Spirit Complex”

What is the Difference Between “Mind/Body/Spirit” and “Mind/Body/Spirit Complex”

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 87

Questioner: Thank you.

We noticed a possibility of confusion between the term “mind/body/spirit” and “mind/body/spirit complex” in the last session.

Were there a couple of misuses of those terms in shifting one for the other?

Ra: I am Ra. There was an error in transmission.

The use of the term “mind/body/spirit
should refer to those entities dwelling in third density prior to the veiling process,

the term “mind/body/spirit complex
referring to those entities dwelling in third density after the veiling process.

We also discover a failure on our part to supply the term “complex” when speaking of body after the veiling.

Please correct these errors.

Also, we ask that you keep a vigilant watch over these transmissions for any errors and question without fail as it is our intention to provide as undistorted a series of sound vibration complexes as is possible.

This entity, though far better cleared of distortions towards the pain flares when prepared by those mental vibration complexes you call prayer, is still liable to fluctuation due to its preincarnative body complex distortions and the energizing of them by those of negative polarity.

Questioner: Thank you.

We will make the corrections6.

6 The text was corrected before publishing and now reads as it should.


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