What Are The Distortions of The Law of One?

What Are The Distortions of The Law of One?

The Law of One, Book I, Session 15

Questioner: In yesterday’s material you mentioned that the first distortion was the distortion of free will.

Is there a sequence, a first, second, and third distortion of the Law of One?

Ra: I am Ra. Only up to a very short point.

After this point, the many-ness of distortions are equal one to another.

The first distortion, free willfinds focus.

This is the second distortion known to you as Logos, the Creative Principle or Love.

This intelligent energy thus creates a distortion known as Light.

From these three distortions come many, many hierarchies of distortions, each having its own paradoxes to be synthesizedno one being more important than another.

Questioner: You also said that you offered the Law of One which is the balancing of love/light with light/love.

Is there any difference between light/love and love/light?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the final question of this time/space.

There is the same difference between love/light and light/love as there is between teach/learning and learn/teaching.

is the enabler, the power, the energy giver

is the manifestation which occurs when light has been impressed with love.

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