Is 'Regressive Hypnosis' A Service or Disservice?

Is 'Regressive Hypnosis' A Service or Disservice?

The Law of One, Book III, Session 70

Questioner: I have an extra little question that I want to throw in at this time.

Is regressive hypnosis on an individual past birth in this incarnation to reveal memories to it of previous incarnations a service or a disservice to it?

Ra: I am Ra. We scan your query and find you shall apply the answer to your future.

This causes us to be concerned with the first distortion.

However, the query is also general and contains an opportunity for us to express a significant point.

Therefore, we shall speak.

There is an infinite range of possibility of service/disservice in the situation of time regression hypnosis, as you term this means of aiding memory.

It has nothing to do with the hypnotist.

It has only to do with the use which the entity so hypnotized makes of the information so gleaned.

If the hypnotist desires to serve and if such a service is performed only upon sincere request, the hypnotist is attempting to be of service.

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