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We Are Seekers (Part 11)

26 Apr 2022 17:14 #117 by joetitus987@gmail.com
joetitus987@gmail.com created the topic: We Are Seekers (Part 11)
Love – what role does it play?

Love on the StS path is quite simple; you love yourself and your self-interest so intensely that there is nothing or anyone that you wouldn’t walk all over. This love is so single-minded that you would kill others or even your own child if that was an impediment to your goals. This demonstrates to the extreme StS. The free will of others would never be a concern, in fact it is viewed as a tool to achieve your goals. There certainly are subtleties as well – groaning to get attention, talking about yourself to boost your ego, the famous “this is only for your own good” when you basically want others to bend to your will, and when that doesn’t work maybe a threat or a tantrum. This list could go on forever with the variety of human situations. Love on the StS path can be envisioned as a black hole; it absorbs everything to the StS entity. StS absorbs the Love/Light of the One Creator from what it contacts.

Love on the StO path is a little more complicated. The most basic premise comes from many religious teachings: one example is “love others as you love yourself”. Taken with previous concepts of the One Creator, the complicating factor is that you and others at the divine level of the One Creator, are all in fact yourself. There is no separateness in the equation. Your free will which you so staunchly defend is no different than the free will of another – it should never be infringed upon. Love on the StO path can be envisioned as a blazing sun; your attitude and actions radiate love, understanding, acceptance and compassion to every entity around you. StO radiates the Love/Light of the One Creator to all it contacts.

(to be continued: NEXT: Unconditional Love)

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