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Ra Visit

28 Jul 2019 18:27 #50 by Jain3vipul
Jain3vipul created the topic: Ra Visit
Hello everyone :)
my name is vipul, and i live in india. Very strange thing happened 2 days ago. I just started my yoga practice and i sat for a while and the music maybe got in or don't know what happened. I started meditating and suddenly a figure appears in front of me, it was someone wearing white clothes. im kinda sure (like 70%) it was a woman and it said that her name is RA and i dont rmbr exactly what it told me i forgot now. i also saw many pyramids like 5-7 pyramids and i touched them while in that state. Can you please tell me what it is? cuz i have no clue!! cuz the thing is im not at all into all this and i have no concept of it. I do my spiritual practices but not these ones. I'd love to have some clarity on it.
Thank you

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