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I lost that lovin feelin

19 Mar 2019 19:54 - 19 Mar 2019 19:58 #34 by Theo
Theo created the topic: I lost that lovin feelin
The pyramids are great and all that, and I used to be fascinated with them, but at some point, I got to asking myself, what, despite all the mystery , do they matter to me? I mean, if slaves made them, or UFO beings, or if, as Ra says, they were created by contacting the intelligent infinity in the quartz and asking/thinking them into existence, it's all pretty in-credible. Ra also says that, because of where Earth is in space, the energetic alignments that made the pyramids special are no longer in effect, so they are basically big dead batteries. And you can't go climb on them, which is really what I want to do. They are all roped off and all you can do is take pics from afar or ride a camel with them in them background. Sure there are other pyramids placed in geographically significant locations on the planet, but what does that mean for me sitting here dealing with my own catalyst here in Indiana?

Nothing. That's what. If anything, they, like UFOs , the Illuminati, and Twitter, are a distraction for me. They may be intriguing, but what they ultimately are is a choice: a choice between spending my time looking outward or looking inward.

Carl Jung said something to the effect of "Those who look outward dream. Those who look inward awaken."

So, I'm not bashing on the pyramids, I just think that I sometimes get sucked into the allure of the mysterious when all that activity does is take away time I could be using for actual personal development.

...kinda like posting on Ra forums...
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