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my possible encounter with beings not from earth

09 Jul 2017 16:55 #18 by wondering
wondering created the topic: my possible encounter with beings not from earth
I would like to tell my story of encounter potentially to find out if others have had similar experiences .

I was waiting to pick up my 10 yerar old son at The El Paso, Texas airport, while waiting I went into a book shop in the airport. A 7 foot "man" , thin, wearing a black suit, white shirt , black tie must have been right behind me as I soon learned. I was bent at the waist looking at books, backing up I bumped into him. I turned looking at a man who could have been human but his head and cranial bone structure was pretty odd. I started to say excuse me as He placed his hand on my back/neck area and said something in english,and I felt comforted. an unusual comfort and a calm as the hand stayed on me for some time. In my mind an unusual encounter for two adult strangers / males.

We separated, going our own ways. Shortly my son appeared and began excitedly to tell me about some strange passengers who had sat together in the two rows behind him , 5 in total, rear of the plane. All all dressed like the one I encountered, and who my son said talked in in a language that had a "clicking" sound to it. He said at some point as the plane was landing he turned to look at the people and got nice smiles from all and they stopped talking. I described what had happened to me and we thought .....well we were both trying to digest what happened.

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