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I heart green

28 Feb 2019 13:27 - 28 May 2019 18:55 #31 by Theo
Theo created the topic: I heart green
I was sitting outside and just looking around and it occurred to me that almost all the plant life we see is green.

Why is it green?

Because of chlorophyll?

Why is chlorophyll green? Why would the plants that are using the suns rays for energy evolve to not absorb energy from the green spectrum? Evolution is nothing if not relentlessly efficient. As such, a life form dependent on energy from the sun should evolve in ways that maximize energy capture, which would mean that plants should be black.

What is green?

According to the Chakra system, it represents love.

So really what is happening is that the Sun is shining undifferentiated yellow (third Chakra) energy at 3D Earth and the plants absorb most of it and reflect back love for those who have the eyes to see.

Could it be more obvious?
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