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More material on densities.

28 Feb 2019 17:07 #32 by Theo
Theo replied the topic: More material on densities.
What an incredible post!

Boiled down, Ra describes the densities as follows:
1st – Red. The density of being. Basically , matter composed of intelligent light.
2nd- Orange. Organic, non-individuated life programmed to strive. Plants and animals.
3rd – Yellow. Self-conscious, individuated life. I am. The density of the veil and choice, the choice being polarizing as service to self or service to others.
4th – Green. LOVE! Acceptance and understanding. No more veil. The realm of light bodies and shared thought/telepathy.
5th- Blue. Wisdom. We are still individuated at this point and are set to learning to balance love/wisdom with wisdom/love. The exploration of this density can be “a lonely affair.”
6th – Indigo. Unity. Where individuality and polarity are ultimately lost and the individual mind/body/spirit complexes join into a social memory complex.
7th – Violet. Gateway. Memory is lost and there is no looking back. Preparation is made for the next octave.

This is radically simplified and each of these densities has infinite potential for expression. Also, I try to remember that Ra communicating this to Carla was a 6th density social memory complex transmitting high metaphysics thru a 3rd density channel. Some higher dimensional concepts are simply beyond what we have the hardware to understand. Concept is a poor substitute for Truth and words are a poor substitute for concept. We have words. Ra specifically states that this 3rd density is NOT one of understanding. They tend to apologize whenever they use the word understand/understanding because they don’t want to erroneously give the impression that we can understand from where we are.

Ra also notes that the 7 steps thru the Octave is a construct that is preserved throughout the entire Logos. It was very interesting to see how your experience, uniquely flavored, dovetailed with Ra’s statements.

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28 Feb 2017 03:07 #17 by star2813
star2813 replied the topic: More material on densities.
Thank You :)

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19 May 2016 09:00 #14 by Runar
Runar created the topic: More material on densities.
I find the understanding of these densities very interesting as they put all into new frames with a different perspective.
I have been aware of lots of Dimension talk in various new age circles, but while reading i found that it probably was the Ra material which started this focus on density. And the dimension talk was confused reactions. Still it was not very well explained, so i asked my Enochian call creator to make me some small calls that could make me understand the various densities. This was in 2012, but i have now revisited them and begun more thinking around these realities, which i find worthy of sharing for the chance of further debate and action.
I have understood that these densities are collective states as opposed to the model of the 4 worlds of Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah and Atziluth which are available through personal initiations. These densities levels are made possible through skills, foci and awareness attained also as a biological fact. I think they are all here,simoustanely and always, but will not get the status of existing before someone uses them consciously, just as light will pass if it doesnt hit anything. The body of light comes in several versions, and these variations I have assumed was based upon density.

Here are my first impressions and thoughts from the sessions with the calls, August 2012:

2nd Density:
This is a nearly mute world. Speech do exist, but it is used in a entirely practical way. No irony or humor. Its a civilization without any other purpose than basic survival.
Here is no creativity or individuality. Tradition rules unless need imposes new solutions. Art is missing.
But not religion. This current fits neatly with one God only dogmas, but it comes naturally. To identify the godly with that which is above is almost as instinctive as the plants way of life. I have noticed plants follow the two great lights of the heaven in an unbroken awareness.
So the civilization here is the family, the tribe that is the nation (nativity). And it is good for warfare and feudalism. Totemism is also part of this scheme.
Later comments: I do think very many on earth still lives in this density. Many who don't live in it do know it, and also dislike and hate it. This knowledge is also hinted at when speaking of Neanderthals. The shift between 2nd and 3rd density must have been part of schism between Christianity and the old world, as many of the traits of the 2nd density are considered despicable and primitive. Still, the huge religions are maintaining parts of it, by f.ex. not supporting individuality.

3rd density:
This makes me feel like a human again. Here is plenty of "I Am" vibes. Conscious of self. Speech is not everything here but much. Its a civilization of isolated individuals rather than highly individuated ones. Individuation seems like the purpose, to choose between polarities. So it would be the mature 3rd density which consists of individuated. This world may seem or be chaotic. Staying loyal to lessons of the 2nd density can make it more predictable.

4th density:
This feels much lighter. Here i feel that people are much more connected to the collective sphere and get their immediate response from it. Also telepathy seems normal here. Its therefore also less speech here. I am and so is everyone else. The lightness of mind and heart is marked here. Gone are those things that drags you down. Personal problems seems solved! Openness solved it. Here the world is open for your work and imprint. Colors abound. Colors chase away the Black Brotherhood, at first, then they understand how to create color compositions to promote sickness.

5th density:
This is immediately splendid, much lighter and subtle. A vibration the cells in my body loves. It takes time before this matter settles. At first i just get landscape visions. Green but lonely places without buildings or just one little palace. Could it be that here hardly have been any civilization of this kind on this planet? The landscapes seem tropic or pacific. Then it dawns upon me as i watch the heavens above one of these houses become colored by the currents emanating from one of those buildings. This is a civilization which lives in harmony and communication with the celestial bodies. This seems like the Enochian Utopia where the magick is spiritual and also scientifically enhanced. Skills like complex 3D visualizing are needed here. The main part of Enochia lies here, though it also goes lower and higher. I think there is plenty to be discovered here, but it goes slow to pick up impressions here.

6th density:
The vibration changes and is not immediately nice. It feels heavy, but i feel no heavyness. Strained and stern. Kind of alarming. I see water acting really strange, almost as if it jumped up and created small chaotic waves. This is where material sensitivity is gained. Direct perception of atomic layers. And the consequences are extreme. This is where civilizations can disappear in light. .. and in the golden haze i see a living complex of some kind become superdense. They make supreme war machines here.

I am Runar Karlsen.

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