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Clairification: Densities, Dimensions & Universes

05 Feb 2023 20:04 #119 by leorenzo
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20 Mar 2019 19:26 - 04 Jun 2019 21:07 #35 by Theo
Theo replied the topic: Clairification: Densities, Dimensions & Universes
This was helpful! All the more so because I kind of see it in the same metaphorical way because, lets face it, what else can it be? How can 3D really comprehend 4D? The limiting problem we have is the perceptive capacity of our hardware(brain). As an analogy, we say we can see infrared because we have infrared detectors. We are not seeing infrared. We are seeing something a detector is picking up and translating to us in ROYGBIV. In fact, if I handed you a gizmo that was running software that mimicked an infrared signature, you would not be able to tell if there was actually infrared there or not because your perception of infrared is limited to what a detector is showing you in a way you can see it. I think the same perceptual limits apply if there is any kind of experience involving another dimension. We simply can't detect and translate the information into anything recognizable. We have 3D brains and we can only process 3D information. A FM radio cannot do anything with a satellite signal.

Its all a distortion . What we are doing is lensing or focusing our expanded consciousness in a way that limits it to certain construct or density. When we leave the incarnation, or area of focus, we go into our expanded state again for reflection and planning for the next step in our growth. Once we have grown adequately in a given locus, we can move up a dimension and begin to explore growth at that focus. For 3D positive entities, that means once you sufficiently clear the lower three chakras and develop enough in love, you shed the chemical body and your 4D focus becomes a light body. Rinse, lather, repeat!

That's what I believe, for now anyway.
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18 Apr 2016 11:05 #13 by IAmYou
IAmYou replied the topic: Clairification: Densities, Dimensions & Universes
Spacial dimensions we do indeed understand, well 3 of them at least. Words like Universe and Galaxy by Ra, are to be taken carefully. Ra has issues relating to our numbering and appreciation of space - because these things would appear to be quite different (or should I say near non-existent) in higher densities.

From 3rd density you cannot hope to really "know" what differences in density mean, it would be my belief (and experience) that 4th density is a totally separate experience of reality. I see many people imagine that 4th density entities are like physical aliens that live on other planets as we would see them in 3rd density, this is definitely not how Ra explains it. Ra describes 4th (as well as 5th, 6th etc) as not being visible to us in 3rd density, and it is necessary for some form of 3rd density physical form to be corporialised by higher density entities in order for them to be visible to more that one individual at once.

Although for the benefit of those present Ra uses specific locations such as Orion and Saturn, I am highly dubious that these physical locations in our 3rd density are of any significance, there is much discussion also of the importance of the book appealing to UFO and alien enthusiasts, and these labels are particularly useful in this context - with references to Star Wars and other high profile media at the time.

I have, I believe, experienced some form of these higher densities (which is highly confusing with a 3rd density brain attached to my spirit/body/complex) - but if my subjective experience is of any use I will try to say something of the ineffable. There is less separation, in higher density: we take separation of objects - people - and space as a given, more so we consider a strong separation between "real" things and abstract concepts - in higher density such things have little separation, and I would suppose that this separation reduces as levels go up - I cannot remember the specific passage but I think Ra describes that for much higher levels (maybe 6 or 7) things we see as polar opposites become one thing and many things we see as paradoxes are not.

In a higher density an entity lays open everything that it is, you can see into it - many things we would think of as private or not communicable are not hidden (from higher densities our 3rd densities selves are probably equally open to view). A concept or idea is itself an entity, each thought a living thing itself. I think here you will see why Ra may refer to what we call a person as a "complex", any entity is a living mass of all of its ideas and thoughts each of which is itself a living entity. You can then imagine how many separate entities could become a social complex.

It makes me think that Densities are to Consciousness what Dimensions are to Space, if you were a 4th dimensional object you could see inside of what to us is a closed 3 dimensional object - just as a 4th density entity can see inside what to us is a closed mind.

Consider this though, your stream of consciousness is constantly bombarded by thousands of small thoughts. The loudest are picked and added to your conscious stream of thought - all of these small voices are themselves like small consciousness entities and together they make you - within this, those small thoughts can group and form separate personalities within us, as consciously as a "work face" or as unconsciously as Multiple Personality Syndrome. Each of us is an image of the whole, we weren't so much created in God's image as existing as part of the great fractal which is God, every element however small contains an copy (although not perfect) of the whole.

Anyway, don't try to think of densities in a way that relates to our physics or space; our dimensions and our physical universe are a unique aspect of the first 3 densities. I am sure each density has its own conscious reality.

It makes me wonder if the 2nd density entities we experience are similarly in a different experiential reality, but what we see of them is but a projection, a metaphor to their existence in a way that can make sense in 3rd density. And our existence apparently being in 4th density space simply means that we are represented in some way in 4th density now, like a tree is represented to us in 3rd density. Which means far more 4th density interaction, perhaps explaining my experiences.

Does any of that make sense in a way that is helpful?

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08 Oct 2015 02:10 #11 by leorenzo
leorenzo replied the topic: Clairification: Densities, Dimensions & Universes
Apologies for the delay in replying to your question. Your question is simple, but at the same time quite hard for me to explain or put into words, but I'll give it my best shot.

Let's take an entity (or a person) who dies naturally of old age in this 3rd Density. When the soul leaves its 3rd-density (Yellow ray) body, it finds itself with the 'Indigo ray' (Form-maker) body, which is automatically activated upon the cessation of the body or death. In other words, when the soul leaves the dead body, your total awareness of your being-ness increases drastically, and the veil is somewhat lifted. Basically, you'll be more aware of who you are as a spiritual being in this state in comparison to a 3rd Density state.

The next step... the soul rests (or hibernate) within this 'form maker' body... "until etherea has been penetrated and understanding has been gained by the mind/body/spirit totality. Once this is achieved, if the proper body to be activated is green-ray, then this will occur." Excerpt taken from 'The Law of One, Book II, Session 47'

In another words, with your spiritual self or your 'mind/body/spirit totality' activated, you will be able to see all your past incarnations, i.e. the past lives that you've lived, the family members, brothers, sisters, friends, children etc in your past incarnations, and all these will be made clear like a book. It will be like watching a movie of your past self. After this step, which I'll loosely call "the review state of your past incarnations", new lessons will be programmed/generated for next incarnation in order to give the entity the best chance of spiritual growth, then a proper locus/destination (depending on the total vibration of the entity) is chosen, and a new incarnation begins. The entity then becomes a baby or a bundle of joy for another parent, taken our experience on Earth now as an example.

My intention is to simplify the incarnation process (according to my own understanding), and explain it in such a fashion that's understandable. The above may not come across as such, so my plead to you (or anyone reading these) is to discern for thyself of what make sense and reject what doesn't. I don't want to confuse anyone further than they already are, but hope that some of my explanations are, at the very least 'somewhat' helpful and beneficial.

Another way of understanding this transitioning is to check the video below, and skip to time 8:45 - 9:50.

This video has nothing to do with the Law of One, but explains your question in another way, which may be helpful to you in your seeking.

Also, I advise that you exercise great caution if you decide to watch the whole thing, or other videos in the same series. The way I look at these videos is like this: The Law of One (to me) is like a University Course/Tuition, while the Mythi videos (in my own opinion) can be categorised under a start of a Primary School learning, but nonetheless contains a lot knowledge/information one might find very interesting :) .

The very best my friend, and don't hesitate to ask further question(s), and I'll try my best to answer any question faster this time around! :lol:
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18 Sep 2015 11:12 - 18 Sep 2015 11:13 #9 by Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann replied the topic: Clairification: Densities, Dimensions & Universes
Thank you for clarifying the above. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Where do we go to when we are finished with our incarnational cycle? Do we stay within our current density and move into another dimension or universe? This part is clear as mud to me.
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18 Sep 2015 01:55 #7 by leorenzo
leorenzo replied the topic: Clairification: Densities, Dimensions & Universes
My knowledge of these terms are limited, especially on the 'Dimension' side (still studying/contemplating on this subject) but nevertheless, I'll try to explain these terms as best as I possibly can...

The three words (Densities, Dimension and Universe) are words to be understood fully in order to use them in the right instance. These words are not to be used interchangeably as they means different things when put side-by-side, figuratively speaking. In my opinion, I explain these words as shown below. Please forgive me if I move off-topic slightly, repeating myself or explaining what you already know.

These are spiritual steps in the evolutionary scale or progression of mind/body/spirit complex development back to the One Creator.
The gradation of these densities have been categorised under 1-8, but I personally think it reaches 9th Level.

Density 1: Awareness (Consider these as single-cell organisms)
Density 2: Growth (Animals and Plant life)
Density 3: Self Awareness (This is where you'll find Me and You)
Density 4: Love/Understanding (Historical Jesus of Nazareth was here *He was at the highest-end of the 4th Density, going to the 5th)
Density 5: Light/Wisdom
Density 6: Love/Light and Light/Love (At this Space/Time Continuum, you'll find Ra's Social Memory Complex residing here)
Density 7: The Gateway Cycle
Density 8: The cycle which moves through the mystery we should not plumb (Ra statement)

*Within each Density, there are many evolutionary cycles or vibratory levels. If measured in our years, these cycles will differ greatly from Density to Density, and from Planets to Planets, Solar Systems to Solar System, Universes to Universes etc. Each entity will be measured according to their vibratory levels/auras of their Violet Ray emanation.

Earth Evolutionary Cycles:
As you know, on Earth, we have 3 evolutionary cycles of 25,000 years each. We on Earth today, are at the cusp of the last of these minor cycles, comprising of 75,000 years in total. I think the cycles of our 3rd Density experience will be between 75-76,000 years, and we are in a way - in the last 1,000 years of the last major cycle to get our s**t together! Excuse my French :lol:

After this 3rd Density cycle is over, hopefully it will be a 4th Density Positive (Service to Others) type of planet. Whoever does not fit the vibration of 4th Density-Earth (whether this happens to be a Positive or Negative Planet), will find another docile corresponding to their 4th Density vibration or repeat the 3rd Density elsewhere (if this is the vibratory level of the entity).

This is why I personally think the so called negative-orientated elites are desperately pulling all the punches to stare the planet towards 'service to self' nature type of planet. So, I'm not entirely surprise with the state of chaos that's ensuing all around the globe at the moment, and wish people can wake up to the fact that we are gradually being led to a 4th Density Planet of 'Service to Self' nature, by the so-called elites, usually of negative tendencies.

Lastly, and personally speaking, I'll add the next bit through my own understanding:

Density 9:
This will be the unification of All things with the One Creator. I think this will be when all the energy (or Love/Light) that creates everything in the first place meets back together once again, and create another so-called "Big Bang", hence starting another journey or experience we call Creation . I don't think this "Big Bang" will happen until absolute everything (being a man or rock) within the known Creation (no matter how big or small) makes its way back to the source or the One Infinite Creator. As you know, everything vibrates and alive.

Another analogy will be a glass cup of water, it will not be considered 'full to capacity' until it receives the very last drop of water.
The overfill (figuratively speaking), will be a thought-process that will be create a so called "spark" that will - in turn, ignite another Big Bang process/creation once again. This is just my own meandering thoughts :)

These to me will be the infinite planes within each Densities as mentioned above. there literally infinite planes/dimensions within each Density.
For example, the earth we inhabit today has many planes (possibly infinite in number) - and our current plane of existence is just one of many octave level of existence. According to Ra, and am para-phrasing here - there in a way 7 earths existing in different planes/dimension.

Watch this interesting video on Youtube:

The video may shed some light into the understanding (and existence) of life in other planes of existence or dimension.

As you've already pointed out, the Universe is One Being, and it's part of the One Infinite Creator that co-creates.
As you've also surmised, there are possibly infinite numbers of Universes or Multi-verses, the co-creating tendency (or freewill) never ceases, which in turn creates multi-verses and possibly 'infinite' in number.

We are all part of the original heartbeat, and we've individualise ourselves via freewill to co-create in knowing ourselves, and we'll continue to do this until we all find our paths back to the One Infinite Creator, to combine back as One.

Hope I've not bored you silly with my explanation, but hope I've been able to at least add a bit of understanding to your seeking /understanding.

In Love & Light
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