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My archtype hurts

18 Jan 2022 20:24 #100 by SemajRramal
SemajRramal replied the topic: My archtype hurts
Sorry for the delay Theo. At this point I guess It's just you and me! I had never done any work with the Tarot or the Archetypes per se, but I find it all so fascinating. I had thought of asking the forum if the cards that Don drew up, were ever produce into a real deck. Based upon the 2 years it took for me to find your comment, (which I have low expectations of a reply), It may be a while. Lol!
Love and Light,

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05 Feb 2019 19:04 - 23 May 2019 20:33 #28 by Theo
Theo created the topic: My archtype hurts
I'm sure somebody finds the application of these archtype concepts helpful, but for me, they get a bit muddled. I get the major divisions of mind, body, and spirit and that each archtype has matrix, potentiator, significator, etc and finally there is the Choice. But it all just seems like a way to place a system on something that will occur all by itself anyway. Kind of like naming the bends, straight aways, rapids, and calm spots in a river you are floating down. the names help and may prepare you, but ultimately, you still have to go down the river no matter what all the component parts are named

If anybody else is having Archtype issues, here is what Ra said about it in Session 88: " In and of themselves, the Major Arcana have no rightful place in divination but, rather, are tools for the further knowledge of the self by the self for the purpose of entering a more profoundly, acutely realized present moment."

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