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How the Bond between Humans & Pets Helps Their Graduation From 2nd to 3rd Density Vibration

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The Law of One, Book I, Session 14

Questioner: After going over this morning’s work, I thought it might be helpful to fill in a few things.

You said that the second density strives towards the third density which is the density of self-consciousness, or selfawareness.

The striving takes place through higher second-density forms being invested by third-density beings.

Could you explain what you mean by this?

Ra: I am Ra. Much as you would put on a vestment, so do your third-density beings invest or clothe some second-density beings with self-awareness.

This is often done through the opportunity of what you call pets.

It has also been done by various other means of investiture.

These include many so-called religious practice complexes which personify and send love to various natural second-density beings in their group form.

The Law of One, Book I, Session 20

Questioner: So more and more second-density entities are making it into third density.

Can you give me an example of a second-density entity coming into the third density in the recent past?

Ra: I am Ra. Perhaps the most common occurrence of second-density graduation during third-density cycle is the so-called pet.

For the animal which is exposed to the individualizing influences of the bond between animal and third-density entity, this individuation causes a sharp rise in the potential of the second density entity so that upon the cessation of physical complex the mind/body complex does not return into the undifferentiated consciousness of that species, if you will.

Questioner: Then can you give me an example of an entity in third density that was just previously a second-density entity?

What type of entity do they become here?

Ra: I am Ra. As a second-density entity returns as third-density for the beginning of this process of learning, the entity is equipped with the lowest, if you will so call these vibrational distortions, forms of third-density consciousness; that is, equipped with self-consciousness.

Questioner: This would be a human in our form then who would be beginning the understandings of third density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

The Law of One, Book V, Fragment 28

Questioner: The one question that is bothering us, which I got in meditation, may be an inappropriate question, but I feel it is my duty to ask it because it is central to the instrument’s mental condition and ours.

It has to do with the two cats which we were going to have worked upon today for teeth cleaning and for the removal of the small growth from Gandalf’s leg.

I got the impression that there might be an inroad there for the Orion group, and I was primarily concerned if there was anything that we could do for protection for these two cats.

It may be out of line for me to ask this question, but I feel it my duty to ask it.

Would you please give me any information that you can on that subject?

Ra: I am Ra. The entity, mind/body/spirit complex, Gandalf, being harvestable third density, is open to the same type of psychic attack to which you yourselves are vulnerable.

Therefore, through the mechanism of images and dreams, it is potentially possible for negative concepts to be offered to this mind/body/spirit complex, thus having possible deleterious results.

The entity, Fairchild, though harvestable through investment, does not have the vulnerability to attack in as great amount due to a lack of the mind complex activity in the distortion of conscious devotion.

For protection of these entities we might indicate two possibilities.

the meditation putting on the armor of light.

the repetition of short ritual sentences known to this instrument from the establishment which distorts spiritual oneness for this instrument.

This instrument’s knowledge will suffice.

This will aid due to the alerting of many discarnate entities also aware of these ritual sentences.

The meditation is appropriate at the time of the activity on behalf of these entities.

The ritual may be repeated with efficacy from this time until the safe return, at convenient intervals.

Questioner: I am not familiar with the ritual sentences.

If the instrument is familiar, you need not answer this but which sentences do you mean?

(Silence. No response from Ra.)

Questioner: I assume that the instrument is familiar with them then?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Can you tell me something of the little growth on Gandalf’s leg and if it is of danger to him?

Ra: I am Ra. The cause of such growths has been previously discussed.

The danger to the physical body complex is slight given the lack of repeated stimulus to anger.

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